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Our Board

Our Board raises funds for full-day Kindergarten programs and supports the Board of Trustees’ efforts by increasing awareness about Edmonton Public Schools within the community. Particularly, among the 80 per cent of Edmontonians who currently do not have a direct link to the public education system.  They are committed and dedicated to our mission, and genuinely care about the future of today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Board members include individuals from Edmonton’s diverse community, as well as an appointed representative from our Board of Trustees and an Edmonton Public School staff member.


Anar Jassani, Community Member

Chelsey Swankhuizen, Community Member

Cheryl Johner, Edmonton Public School Board of Trustees

Cory MacTaggart, Edmonton Public School Board staff member

Don Lore, Community Member

Linda Miller (Dr.), Community Member

Louise Hayes (Dr.), Community Member

Eric Haug, Community Member

Jennifer Zabloski, Community Member

Judy McCorquodale, Edmonton Public School Board former staff member

Julie Ketel, Community Member

Ray C. Purdy, Q.C., Community Member