The Pursuit Of Higher Education

Pursuing higher education is a significant investment for students. Some have no choice but to take on debt, while others must juggle part-time jobs with their studies. Financial support may be all they need to reach their potential. Your investment ensures the talents of students are harnessed for the betterment of our communities and the world.

Scholarships and bursaries give students a hand-up as they start their higher education. Financially support students and help them realize their dreams. The impact of your gift is found on the confident smiles of grads as they talk about their exciting next steps - wherever they may take them!

Financial support of any amount makes a difference.

Donors can give any amount to an existing fund, or for those who wish to recognize a specific type of achievement, donors can create a new award. Please Contact Us to learn more!

Other Giving Opportunities

Let’s Invest in Their Future

If you’re interested in supporting Community Awards and Scholarships, feel free to contact us, or make a donation.