In Edmonton, it is estimated that more than 40,000 children live in poverty and as a result, are more likely to experience food insecurity. We know that children and youth are not able to focus and learn effectively if they are not well nourished. In partnership with organizations across the city, our schools go above and beyond the role of teaching by providing students with access to everything from breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks. 

We are seeing increased food insecurity within and beyond socially complex communities. With these current challenges, access to daily nutrition supports has become an essential service all schools require to support families and enable students to succeed. Currently, schools and school nutrition partners are challenged with the growing demand for access to food amongst their students, as well as high food costs. 

Donors can contribute to School Nutrition by gifting funds for food budgets, food-safe storage and preparation spaces, and the maintenance of existing kitchen spaces.

Other Giving Opportunities

Let’s Invest in Their Future

If you’re interested in supporting School Nutrition, feel free to contact us, or make a donation.