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Give We’re ready for you. We want to help you get involved in whatever way works best for you. Really, we’re open to anything. Giving comes in all forms: donations, time or even ideas. Whatever you choose to give, we are more than happy to receive. With your support, today’s children will transform into tomorrow’s leaders. Read More about getting involved.
Research We base our goals and programs on more than good intentions — we base them on facts. Edmonton Public Schools, Alberta Education and other educational institutions conduct ongoing research to ensure our programs help children succeed. We discovered children who use these programs develop literacy and social skills more quickly. In turn, successful student performance typically leads to less money spent on school resources and higher education and lifetime incomes. When students succeed, the entire community and society succeeds.  Read more about our research.
Programs We Support We conduct ongoing research to ensure we offer children the best possible learning opportunities and to show you the benefits of our programs. Right now, we are focused on helping young children build strong foundations for their future. Currently, we support two main programs: Early Learning and Full-Day Kindergarten. Both programs help children develop skills needed for success.  Read More about programs we support.

Supporting Full-Day Kindergarten

The Edmonton Public Schools Foundation supports student success by raising friends and funds for full-day Kindergarten programs for children who are socially vulnerable and at risk academically.

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