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We believe every student deserves the same chances to succeed. Early years are the most formative for a child's brain and present a tiny window of huge opportunity for children. A great start with full-day Kindergarten has an enormous impact on a child's chances for achievement, success and happiness in the future. We help those children who need it most get access to full-day Kindergarten so they can be productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

We know the core structure of a child's brain is developed between birth and the age of five, and the experiences that occur in one's early years affect the physical architecture of the brain.  To learn more, watch the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) video entitled How Brains are Built, which presents the story of brain development and its impact on mental health and addiction.

Want to learn more? You can read about all the positive program outcomes in our Edmonton Public Schools May 27, 2008 Board Report, Longitudinal Effects of Full-day Kindergarten Through to Grade 6.  Dr. Jose da Costa from the University of Alberta worked with Edmonton Public Schools to conduct the research.

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