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Full-day Kindergarten Benefits


Full-day Kindergarten helps all students but is especially beneficial for children coming from low socio-economic or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s all about getting the right supports in place at the right time. Adding more time to the Kindergarten day makes sense because Research tells us that 85 per cent of brain growth occurs before age six. By providing the gift of extra time, children will:

  • be more prepared academically and experience greater progress in literacy, math and learning skills;
  • be more appropriately challenged;
  • be more advanced socially and show positive behaviour in the areas of originality and independent learning; and
  • experience fewer transitions, especially students cared for by multiple caregivers over the course of a day.

And while these help children — which is what we are all about — research also shows these benefits save money in the future. Successful student performance typically leads to:

  • less money spent on school resources, such as grade repetition and special education classes;
  • higher education which leads to financial success in adulthood;
  • higher lifetime incomes; and
  • reduced levels of delinquency and crime, benefiting community members and society.