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Child development lays the groundwork for community and economic development, as capable children become the foundation of a prosperous and sustainable society. That is why supporting our most vulnerable learners is important work. 

Did you know

One in five children in Edmonton live under the limitations of family poverty. (Edmonton Social Planning Council) 


Approximately 25% of Edmonton Public School students are immigrants and refugees who are learning English as a second language. Many of these students have experienced trauma, have had limited or inconsistent access to schooling and who often have parents who earn significantly lower incomes.


29% of Alberta’s children arrive at Kindergarten without the strong foundation they need to be successful. (Alberta Government: Final Report of the Early Childhood Mapping Project) 


90% of children who have trouble reading in Grade 1 will still have trouble by Grade 4. This increases the risk of students dropping out of high school. (Calgary Foundation, Vital Signs Report, 2014)


Up to 70%of mental illnesses show up before the age of 18 potentially impacting a child’s development. Up to 70% of young adults living with mental health problems report that the symptoms started in childhood. (Govt of AB: The Human Face of Mental Health & Mental Illness in Canada 2016)