Fundraiser in a Box!

The Foundation has always benefited from informal third-party fundraisers - projects and events organized by those outside of our staff team. To support this incredible work, we have built the Fundraiser in a Box; a resource that supports teachers and students to not only plan, organize and deliver a fundraising event, but to explore the value of charitable giving and how that contributes to a healthy community.

More than just a planning kit, the boxes are designed to provide educational opportunities and to support students in gaining leadership experience. Using the Career Pathways model, teachers and students are supported through a number of guides and resources.

Students will learn about what it means to give back - and then put their plan into action!

Want to organize a fundraising event? Let’s chat!

We are proud to use environmentally conscious products from noissue, a company that is proud to be part of the Eco Packaging Alliance.