All year, educators and school administration, alongside their communities, fundraise for school-specific projects. Examples of past school-specific fundraising projects have included raising funds to support the purchase of HEPA filters, Chromebooks, learning tools and even playgrounds. Some schools are supported by formal Parent Associations, others organize fundraisers and initiatives as the opportunity arises. 

The Foundation is proud to support each and every school across the District in achieving their fundraising and charitable goals. 

Do you want to donate to a specific school?

You have come to the right place! All donations that are donated through the Foundation and directed to a specific school are moved directly to that school’s financial account, with no administrative fee.

Do you want to organize a fundraising event to benefit either a specific school or the Foundation?

We can help! We offer our Fundraiser in a Box; a resource that supports teachers and students to not only plan, organize and deliver a fundraising event, but to explore the value of charitable giving and how that contributes to a healthy community. We support this process by providing resources and guides that have been developed using the Career Pathways Model.

Organizing & Fundraising

Want to donate to any of our 212 schools, or learn more about hosting a fundraising event? Click the links below, or contact us for more information!

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