About Kyla

Kyla Amrhein is half of the Foundation’s mighty team of two. As the Director of the Foundation, she works closely with our Board Chair and members of the Board of Directors to determine the Foundation’s planning and goal-setting, and implementing creative strategies to achieve our mission. She collaborates with colleagues across Edmonton Public Schools, including administrators, educators and the Division’s elected Board of Trustees to ensure that the Foundation is fulfilling its mission effectively. Perhaps the most wonderful part of her job is working with our incredible community of supporters, volunteers, donors and advocates, who believe unequivocally in the power of public education and its ability to provide all children with an exceptional foundation on which to build a limitless future. 

Kyla has been recognized by the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education and the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education for innovation in fundraising and stakeholder engagement. Both awards celebrate her dedication to, and achievement of, a shared vision, built on a values-based, innovative fundraising, friendraising, and stewardship programs, during her time at the University of Alberta.

Kyla is a proud alumna of Spruce Avenue School who, at a very early age, learned to love creating, exploring, and asking questions. Over the years, public education has provided her with limitless personal and professional opportunities. Through her work with the Foundation, she is honoured and privileged to support our educators so that they can provide similar opportunities for today’s learners. The Edmonton Public Schools Foundation is one of many things that sets Edmonton’s public school system apart from many other school districts; we are partners in the Division’s mission to equalize access to exceptional public education. The need for diverse learner support continues to grow. Edmonton’s students have limitless potential. Energized by a deeply-rooted, supportive community, she is honoured to work alongside our educators to ensure they are given the best opportunity to thrive. 

Kyla is an avid home-renovator and heritage-home enthusiast. Together with her husband and two daughters, they keep themselves busy with all sorts of home projects. Some are simple - like painting or building projects, and others are less simple - they recently finished replacing the foundation on their 100-year-old home!

A few fun questions

Q: What is your favourite children’s book?
A: Hero of Lesser Causes by Julie Johnston and Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Q: What was your favourite subject in school and why?
A: Art. Kyla also loved French, German, Speech and Debate, and Language Arts. Social Studies was also great. Kyla really just enjoyed school in general!

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from school?
A: In grade one, Kyla was sitting in the Spruce Avenue classroom of her favourite teacher, Mrs. Barber, on a tall, steel stool. They were sewing burlap sack dolls, decorating them with yarn, buttons and fabric scraps. She had been extremely focused on the project, and was so proud to show the finished doll to her teacher. When she jumped off the stool to show it off, she had sewn the burlap sack to her purple sweatpants! She was just devastated, but her teacher quickly stepped in and taught her how to reverse the stitches, making everything all right again. It was an important lesson in patience, resiliency, and the difference a “helper” can make in shifting a situation.

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