About Anita

Anita Khakh is currently filling in for Catherine Bay during her maternity leave. She is excited to be a pivotal part of the team and help achieve the Foundation’s mission of leveling the playing field for students coming to the classroom at a disadvantage.

Anita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her as a previous teacher with Edmonton Public Schools, business owner, and graduate student. In 2017, Anita graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelors degree in Education and, in 2021, completed her Masters degree in Educational Policy Students, specializing in Social Justice and International Studies. One of her proudest accomplishments to date is the thesis she wrote during her graduate studies which focused on analyzing how Grade 6 girls construct their body image dis/satisfaction in the province of Alberta. While completing her Masters Degree, Anita completed internships at the City of Edmonton’s Women’s Initiative and at the Government of Alberta’s Status of Women. Upon graduation, Anita went on to teach Grade 3 during the height of the pandemic and also launched a candle company. Anita is passionate about viewing the world through an intersectional, feminist lens and seeks to be a lifelong learner in areas pertaining to equity, anti-racism and intersectionality.

In her spare time, Anita loves taking her dog out for long walks in the Ravine, River Valley, or Hawrelak Park. Anita also enjoys travelling and creating new core memories with her loved ones!

A few fun questions 

Q: What is your favourite children’s book? 
A: The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Anita read this novel to her class the past few years while she was teaching and always teared up! 

Q: What was your favourite subject in school and why?
A: Anita has always enjoyed learning about health and, as she got older, social-emotional wellness.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from school?
A: Anita’s favourite elementary school memory is playing handbells around the holiday season at City Hall!

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