Students Lead the Way at 7th Annual Ready for Life Breakfast

What do you get when you host a fundraising breakfast in collaboration with staff and students from the North Central School Catchment area? You raise over $35,000 and get an incredible hour filled with memorable moments not soon forgotten!

On May 5, 2016, over 350 guests were greeted at the doors of Queen Elizabeth School by dozens of enthusiastic student leaders. Kindergarten to Grade 12 displays lined the hallways, engaging our friends as they made their way to the gym. Not only was the student work impressive; the work shone a light on the exceptional teaching and learning taking place in our District. While guests made their way to their tables, they were treated to an amazing music performance by the Queen Elizabeth jazz band and a fabulous solo performance by a talented young lady.

Then all attention turned to Trinity, a Grade 3 graduate of the Tipaskan full-day Kindergarten program, and Pamela, a Grade 11 student from Queen Elizabeth, as they made their way across the stage and announced the morning was “all about possibilities!” Both girls had tremendous confidence and led the hour long program like professional hosts! Guests were wowed by a singing performance from the Lauderdale School full-day Kindergarten class who were dressed up as professionals. Cute little Kinders presented Board Chair Dr. Louise Hayes with a big white piggy bank full of over $2000 from the six Foundation funded schools’ Pay it Forward campaigns. One little Kinder proudly announced the money would go to the “kids in the fire.” This warmed everyone’s heart as at that time the Fort McMurray fires were burning.

Next up! Director Tracy Poulin pulled the previous director, Sandra Woitas, on stage and announced a scholarship had been established in her honour. This caused a few wet eyes, including Sandra’s. Tears were also shed when co-emcee Pamela shared her inspiring story of leaving Rwanda to come to Canada and the effect her teachers had on her learning journey.

Guests then viewed a special video of three groups of full-day Kindergarten students learning about career possibilities at EPCOR, Tudor Glen Veterinarian Clinic and New Cap Radio. If you haven’t seen this video, you can access it on our website. As the event came to a close, the rich voices of a 350 member choir comprised of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students could be heard coming from the hallway. This North Central Catchment choir, mentored by Scott Leithead from the Edmonton’s Kokopelli Choir Association, sang several African songs while they surrounded the guests. Words cannot describe the effect this performance had on everyone.

We are not sure we can “top” this breakfast at our 8th Annual Ready for Life Fundraising Breakfast scheduled for May 2017, but we will certainly try!

We would like to extend a big thank you to Queen Eliizabeth and all of the North Central Catchment staff and students who made this incredible performance possible.

7th Annual Ready for Life Breakfast pictures


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