May 5, 2010 - children peek into the future at University School

For the first time, 70 elementary students experienced a week at the University of Alberta to see and prepare for their future. 

The Foundation partnered with the University of Alberta, the University of Alberta Senate and the City Centre Education Partnership to give children learning opportunities tied to their school goals. 

During the week, children from Norwood, John A. McDougall and Parkdale schools completed hands-on activities in all subjects while developing social and critical thinking skills. And, like any university student, they experienced a real convocation with University of Alberta Chancellor Linda Hughes. 

The University Senate introduced this project to help young students:

  • understand the world;
  • improve literacy skills;
  • learn about diversity; and
  • build lifelong relationships with the university. 

Now Miranda says when she grows up, she wants to teach.  Samuel wants to act while Tanya plans to study law. And while many students will likely change their minds about their careers by the time they’re ready for university, they’ve learned that their future holds endless possibilities. 

Students and parents can look forward to future university projects and more information.

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